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Sites for planting Rhododendrons

Rhododendrons are plants of humid areas, with often distinctive soil composition. Therefore, it is necessary to create an environment which would, as much as possible, assimilate them with their original conditions. Concerning climate, there are submontane areas in Czech Republic which are suitable, but with good care and watering the Rhododendrons can also prosper in other places, regardless of an elevation.
In terms of location, we preferably choose norther or western side so Rhododendron are not exposed to intensive direct sun. Less deciduous species as well as Azaleas are not so sensitive to great temperature changes, as are evergreen species. Especially in winter, if there is direct sun shining on frozen leaves, they may very easily get burned. This will weaken the plants and then they fall victim to diseases and pests very easily. Draught makes one of the very unfavourable factors, so we choose leeward and protected sites. It follows that trees and shrubs intended to protect and shade Rhododendron must be tall enough to create favourable microclimate for Rhododendrons in the very beginning. Thus, even in small plantings, we do not plant Rhododendrons as solitairs, instead we always make use of a position in front of a row of decorative woods, or artificial shading wall (pergola), wooden fence or similar small garden construction.