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Rhododendron salvage

At times, some visitors of our web site writes us a plea for help or advice what to do with his/her diseased Rhododendron or Azalea. We do not really feel like experts, but sometimes our advices can help, like it did Mrs. Štastná, who took photos of it all and was so kind to permit us publishing of the photos.
The first photo she sent us did not really look alluring, and it seemed that Rhododendron has already seen its better days. We cannot accurately estimate, what kind of disease is it, therefore we recommended spraying it with broad-spectrum protectant Dithane, and using Krystalon to achieve better condition of this Rhododendron plant, since we have great experience with it as a real pick-me-up for diseased and weak plants.


Jakou jsme měli radost, když se zhruba po dvou měsících znovu ozvala, a zaslala nám nové fotografie, které vypadají o poznání lépe.  Z nich je patrné, že dobrý zdravotní stav rostliny je alfo i omegou většiny chorob rododendronů, a je tedy třeba věnovat péči rosltine po celou dobu jejího růstu, a nejen, když už jí něco je . Rozdíl ve vitalitě rostlin posuďte sami