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Planting of Rhododendrons and Azaleas

The most suitable substrate for planting is coarse peat. In the locations with coniferous soil, the peat can only be stirred. For planting, special Rhododendron substrates proved their quality, as well as soils with wooden admixture (sawdust particles, wooden chips, rhytidome etc.). Prior to planting the soil shall be supplemented with slowly-soluble mineral fertilizers, or well-matured manure..
If the root balls of Rhododendrons are not wet enough, they should be soaked in water at least an hour before planting, so the balls around roots soak up water well. Thre shrubs shall be placed in the holes in the same depth that was chosen in the ornamental nursery. When planting too deep, plants create new roots above which weakens them dramatically. Roots within the soil shall be thoroughly fastened and well watered. Watering shall be repeated for the next few days. Plants are the most water-demanding in the spring (for their flower buds), then in the middle of summer and just before frost appears. In the event of rainfall shortage, it is necessary to water the flowers or to provide an irrigation in the form of automated irrigation system or drip irrigation. Finally, advices on Rhododendron planting