About Us

Information about the project Rododendron.cz

Rhododendron.cz site was made up by us as the response to quite scanty information concerning Rhododendron growing on czech web sites. We run the site on non-commercial basis. If You are interested in publishing the information on Rhododendron and Azalea growing, we will be happy to publsih them for free, including Your contact information.

Materials used on this site comes from our own archive as well as following sources:

B. Kavka – Československé odrůdy Rhododendronů
A.Dostálková – Penišníky a jejich původ
A.Dostálková – Počátky introdukce a pěstování penišníků na našem území
A.Dostálková – Rhododendrony ( note: some of the photographs used)
A.Kogelová – Rhododendrony a azalky