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In every decorative garden, Rhododendrons are among the most beautiful things any owner could wish for. With their deep-green leaf colour and striking colours of the flowers, they create splendorous colourful compositions in every orchard. On these pages, we would like to share some information with You – how to grow Rhododendrons, how to approach their propagation; we will give You advices on pests and diseases. Last but not least, you may perhaps find a few hands-on advices on Rhododendron cultivation.
Botanical name Rhododendron ( from greek Rhodos – rosy, and Dendron – tree) was given to this ravishing group of ornamental flowering shrubs by Swedish botanist Linné. This botanist described in detail also Rhododendron’s close relative – Azalea. Over the years, with the increasing numbers of Rhododendron and Azalea species, it was shown that Rhododendron and Azalea genera share common characteristics and it is not appropriate to separate them. Common gardener terminology is, however, constantly „sinful“ towards botanical naming, splitting these beautiful decorative flowers into two species – Azaleas and Rhododendrons – with remarkable stubborness.


New photos from Castle Průhonice

05/04/2013 12:08
We added new photos of Rhododendron and Azaleas from park Průhonice. The extremly long winter is on plants visible :(

New photogallery from Průhonice

10/06/2012 18:17
We have added a few hundred new photos from Průhonie park where, in late May and early June, Rhododendrons wonderfully blossomed. You can find the photos on Průhonice 2012 page.  

Photos from Průhonice

04/08/2011 20:33
We have added a big set of photographs from Průhonice park – possibly the largest concentrated Rhododendron planting in Czech Republic  

Rhododendrons begin to blossom in Průhonice

30/04/2011 14:47
One of the largest gardens with free access, where you can see numerous Rhododendrons, is located on the periphery of Prague in Dendrological garden in Průhonice. Even here, the Rhododendrons, with tens of kinds present here, have gradually began to blossom. If You are looking for a place where You...

How to properly plant a Rhododendron

01/12/2009 12:12
How to properly plant Rhododendron or Azalea? Get the advice from how is it done by a professional company – more at Rhododendron planting  

Rhododendron diseases

11/03/2009 19:02
On our page about Rhododendron salvage, you can see how to save a diseased Rhododendron – maybe You are dealing with the same problem, and our method can help You  

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